Beatrice Sigrist

What keeps you energized and inspires you? How to overcome what is holding you back?

As an Executive Coach I help you find it and bring out your potential.

  • I bring a Ph.d. in Business Administration.
  • I have Big 4 experience as a business consultant at Arthur Andersen and as a key account manager at Ernst&Young.
  • I have been executive coaching since 2006.
  • I enable the conversations you and your colleagues need to have.
  • I offer impartiality, unbiased perspective, empathic listing and kind eyes.
  • I was born with a lot of energy and joy which has gives me creativity and freedom.
  • I use tried and tested methodologies to keep you moving forward faster to achieve more tangible results, to uncover blocks, reduce stress, and have greater fulfillment in what and how you do and how you are perceived.
  • I love what I do. To transform talent and potential for specific results.
  • I work with the Universities of St. Gallen, Berne, Lucern and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). To unfold the best in you for your career.
  • I work together with The Ken Blanchard Companies for Leadership Development. To make clear what you expect from others and others can expect from you, at least, to energize your talent and potential for specific results.

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